01 Nov

In the early days, Apple released the rumored AirPods Pro wireless headset. Huaqiang North also heard the news. It broke the news that some manufacturers have made the same mold and prototype. It is estimated that the Huaqiangbei imitation version of AirPods Pro will soon be launched at less than 300RMB(40USD), and markets showed many store had been selling just one day after Apple launching.
Now it’s even 30RMB could make a almost geniune one with pops-up window and wireless charging.

Apple’s AirPods Pro mainly added active noise reduction to improve the sound quality, but the price has also increased to 1999 yuan, 700 yuan more expensive than the second generation AirPods headset, still a bit painful.

In addition to Apple’s core fans, many people may not be able to spend 2,000 yuan to buy a wireless headset. Domestic manufacturers have long made TWS wireless headsets a cheap product, let alone more than 1,000 pieces, 50 yuan on the e-commerce platform. Wireless headsets are everywhere.

Of course, these cheap TWS headsets are not comparable to AirPods Pro, but we have to admit the fact that there are a lot of consumers who are not willing to spend money but want to buy Apple-like products, so AirPods has long been flooding, AirPods Pro not excluded.

From the Weibo users Suo Yinjun and Kang’s breaking posts, the manufacturers in Huaqiang North have already got the high imitation version of AirPods Pro. The molds and prototypes are all available, and they are listed after the test, and the price is absolutely close to the people – It is estimated that the e-commerce platform will sell 300 pieces.

Of course, some shops will definitely sell high imitation goods as genuine products. This practice is to be condemned, but most manufacturers and merchants are estimated to rely on low prices to grab a large number of users. Anyway, the AirPods Pro China imitation version is around 300 RMB. After all, more than a dozen wireless headphones can be popular at this price rang.

Anyway, I believe that the strength of Huaqiangbei can make the high-fidelity AirPods Pro look like 99.99% similar, but the sound quality of the headphones? If you can buy the same sound quality as the 1999 yuan with 300 yuan, you will definitely be fart.

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