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2024 Amazon Hot USB-C Rechargeable AA Batteries Wholesale, we have factory located in Dongguan, Guangdong.

Wholesale price for different batteries selections.

  • LONG RUNTIMES: Expect more from portable power—with up to 2x longer runtimes compared with NiMH and up to 6x longer runtimes than other rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  • Power up quickly—in less than 2.5 hours—using the convenient USB-C port built into the batteries.
  • OVER 1000 CHARGES: Save cost and keep single-use batteries out of the landfill with responsible rechargeables that provide at least 1000 power charges per battery.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: Protect your devices from damage due to corrosion using batteries that don’t leak.
  • PERFORMANCE AND PROTECTION: Optimized voltage circuitry adjusts the current supply as needed and prevents damage to devices.
We’re providing this 2024 Amazon Hot USB-C Rechargeable AA Batteries Wholesale for you, every purchase from us, we will help to guarantee the products could satisfy your requirements.

2024 Amazon Hot USB-C Rechargeable AA Batteries wholesale specs:

Style: USB-c rechargable batteries
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China Factory direct in Dongguan
Battery: AAA, logo customized.
Dimension: 14.5*50.5mm
Working Voltage: 1.5v
Current: 2A/4.5A
Compacity: 2400/3000/3400/4200 mWh
Weigth: 20g.
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Wholesale Shenzhen, aim to provide best quality and in trends consumer electronics products wholesale in the markets, to help Chinese manufacturers to export the quality products to all over the world.

We want to make all our products to wholesale with the best price and quality, and we could stand alone for a win-win business.

Our team mates are professional manufacturers experts, with good knowledge of product quality control methodlogies & lean productions, have deep cooperate for the factories in the Guangdong districts for brands like JBL/Harman Kardon/Skullcandy/Marshalls/Bissell, etc. Check my Linkedin and talk to us.

Our mission

Our final aimbition is to provide all of our customers with the best customer experience and the highest quality products, to help you success in the market.

  1. ODM/OEM service: We have our R&D engineering team & mold factory, could provide you the best OEM/ODM service, saving your cost. We help your design, or could provide suggestions for your products, we long for a win-win cooperations.
  2. FBA Service: With professional support team familiar with the whole FBA services, we could provide FBA labeling service directly from China for you, save much effort on the business.
  3. Product Compliance Service: We have cooperated most of the Shenzhen 3rd party labs, to provide you the best electronics certifications service in the markets, including the RoHS/Reach/CE/FCC, etc.
  4. Product Packaging Design: we cooperated with local packing test, we could help for the customized packing for you; we stand alone for the eco-friendly packaging.
  5. Logistics Service: Cooperated with the professional freight logistics company, we could provide you the various logistics solutions, including the express delivery, air freight, sea cargo delivery .etc

You can find thousands of sourcing agents in mainland China. But we’re sure we’re the best to help you wholesale the consumer electronics products in China. Our company consists of a team of knowledgeable and expert people who understand the international market & consumers company quality well.

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