10 Apr

In 2016, Bluetooth Technology Alliance officially released the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology standard in London. Officials say the new Bluetooth 5.0 standard will outperform the 4.2le version in performance, including four times the effective transmission distance.

In addition, the maturity of Bluetooth mesh technology also brings more imagination space for the future IOT. Major chip manufacturers have also followed the trend of TWS wireless headset and launched a series of products supporting TWS wireless Bluetooth headset.

With the trend that flagship mobile phones gradually cancel the 3.5mm interface in order to achieve thinness, the pain points such as endurance, transmission, sound quality and price have been improved, which has brought huge growth space for the whole TWS headset market.

According to GfK data, in 2016, only 9.18 million wireless headphones were shipped, with a market scale of less than 2 billion yuan. GfK expects that in 2018, wireless headphone shipments will increase by 41% year on year, and the market size will reach 5.4 billion US dollars. By 2020, the market size of TWS wireless headset will reach 11 billion US dollars.

It is predicted by smart research that the global TWS headset will achieve high-speed growth in 2018-2020, with shipments reaching 65 million, 100 million and 150 million respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 51.9%. It is expected that with the continuous improvement of the sound quality and functionality of wireless headphones, the penetration rate of wireless headphones will continue to increase in the future.

Traditional earphone manufacturers such as Bose, JBL & Apple .etc have also launched their own TWS earphones, and it is expected that a new explosion of wireless earphones will come in 2019.

With the landing of artificial intelligence technology, Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Jingdong and Baidu are competing for the first place in the layout of consumption IOT, and have successively launched smart speakers. According to strategy analysis statistics, in the global distribution pattern of smart speakers in the fourth quarter of 2018, Amazon, Google and Alibaba accounted for 73% of the market share.

TWS Bluetooth headset + smart speaker, which is expected to open the smart interaction entrance. Smart speaker has always been regarded as the entrance of smart home. In the home scene, TWS headset can be used as the auxiliary entrance of sound interaction, forming a closed loop of smart speaker + TWS headset entrance.

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